August week 3, 2022 - Weekly log

August week 3, 2022 - Weekly log
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These are my important readings of the past week. I am publishing this series on every Sundays.

The log includes articles, posts, learning of the every past weeks.


Self improvement and Productivity

  1. How to create trust in a company with transparency ? - A Y-Combinator study
  2. Agile methodology: an overview
  3. Building for 2 years, $194 in revenue, 100% churn, 8 priceless lessons.

UI/ UX Design related

  1. Find best web design trends. Awwwards
  2. Critiquing Startup Websites | Y-Combinator
  3. Planning & estimating large-scale software projects | Tom Russell


  1. Software is in Decline - Jonathan Blow
  2. 5 Code Smells React Beginners Should Avoid.
  3. Replace the Accumulator Pattern for better functional programming
  4. Should you choose react-native -CLI or expo-CLI for React Native Development.
  5. VS Code editor - Shortcuts to get to a Ninja
  6. Awesome resources for React Native development

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