September week 1, 2022 - Weekly log

September week 1, 2022 - Weekly log
Photo by Steve Sewell / Unsplash

These are my important readings of the past week. I am publishing this series on every Sundays.

The log includes articles, posts, learning of the every past weeks.

Business, Self improvement and Productivity

  1. Don’t think to write, write to think
    This is one of the lessons that every writer comes to appreciate: writing is thinking. Writing is not the artifact of thinking, it’s the actual thinking process.
  2. Want to found a start-up? Work at one first!
    - Lawrence Jones | Engineer at @incident_io | Previously @GoCardless
  3. Get chart from Big Data, predict the modal of future and invest

UI/ UX Design related

  1. Best resources for webdesign and development with html5 & css3 | PDF
  2. Noteworthy UI/UX Laws That FAANGs Follow


  1. JavaScript console shortcuts
    How to Speed up Your Workflow with Console Shortcuts || DevTools Tips
    Use the shortcuts provided by the Console Utilities API to quickly refer to recent elements, query objects, monitor events and function calls, and more.
  2. OpenReplay
    OpenReplay is a session replay suite you can host yourself, that lets you see what users do on your web app, helping you troubleshoot issues faster. It's the only open-source alternative to products such as FullStory and LogRocket.
  3. What Is A Monorepo And Why You Should Care - Monorepo vs. Polyrepo
    What is a monorepo and why you should care? Why would you use mono-repo in the first place? What are the differences between mono repo and polyrepo or multirepo? What are the pros and cons of monorepo? Should you switch to monorepo or keep using poly-repos or multi-repos?
  4. JSON Crack | Seamlessly visualize your JSON data instantly into graphs.
  5. Becoming a Systems Architect
    10 years into a software engineering career - Wojtek Mandrysz