Google search tricks for 2022

Google search tricks for 2022
Photo by Benjamin Dada / Unsplash

As a web developer most of work is at google, I meant only google search. Here are some of the tricks I use to search efficiently.

Find similar websites

This will give websites similar to the website given as argument.



Search only in one website domain

eg. setup docker

Search only for word in Article tile

eg: climate change intitle:infographics

Search for a specific year

Same as above one - best laptops intile:2022

Search only for latest results (Set time range)

Get a file-type only

eg: ui design systems filetype:pdf

Avoid a specific worded articles in search results

eg: To avoid getting results of facebook when search about meta.

meta -facebook

To get exact match of a search keyword

Use it in quotations

"avengers assemble"

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