How to raise a Pull Request in Github

How to raise a Pull Request in Github
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This article refers as a guideline for our team.

Things to remember

1. During PR raising (to developer)

  • Give a good title to the PR.
  • Title must include the action/ feature done, area/page reflected in the code change.
  • Action can be enhancement, bug fix, feature additions etc.
  • If the PR is related to an issue in Github, mention it in the description.
  • Must add labels to the PR.
  • Assign a person to review it and later it will be shifted to the person to make the changes.
  • Assign a reviewer.
  • Provide screenshots in the descriptions.
  • If anything pending as part of the same implementation. Make a TODO for that in the description.

2. During review (to reviewer)

  • Make comments
  • Give a small description in the review changes section and choose the reviewer’s decision.
  • Reassign to the developer after the review is done

3.After pushing the changes required (to developer)

  • Put a reply in everywhere in the conversations.
  • - Don’t Resolve conversations, it will be done by the reviewer.
  • Change the assignee back to the reviewer.
  • Notify the updation to the reviewer via the group communication channel.

4. During 2nd phases of review (to reviewer)

  • Resolve conversations or put additional comments to the PR.
  • Merge the changes to the main branch and close PR.
  • Notify the update made in the group communication channel.
  • If there is any bug or enhancement required fro the changes, create new issues in Github and include it in the description and in the group communication channel.