September week 2, 2022 - Weekly log

September week 2, 2022 - Weekly log
Photo by Brett Jordan / Unsplash

These are my important readings of the past week. I am publishing this series on every Sundays.

The log includes articles, posts, learning of the every past weeks.

Business, Self improvement and Productivity

  1. Apple's Privacy Scam | Tech Altar
    Apple announced their iOS privacy changes last year, stopping apps from tracking users across apps. At the same time, they also increased their ad revenue 10-fold and are planning to roll out ads to Maps, TV, Books, Podcasts & more to build out their own ad empire.
  2. 10 Macbook Tips that Feel Illegal to Know!
    If you’re looking for Macbook tips that seem… a bit too good to be true you’ve come to the right place! In this video I share mac tips you probably haven’t seen anywhere else and more importantly, they’re all super actionable.
  3. Amazing FREE Mac Apps You Aren’t Using!
    In this episode, I show you some of the best Mac apps out there that you haven’t probably heard of. And they’re all free!

Knowledge areas

  1. YouTube is introducing new products that will allow learners to go deeper on subjects they are passionate about and creators to provide structured learning content.
  2. A fully open-source and end-to-end encrypted note taking alternative to Evernote
  3. Discover the best online communities
    Curated lists of the top online communities to join


  1. JavaScript Hydration Is a Workaround, Not a Solution
    In web development, Hydration is a technique to add interactivity to server-rendered HTML. It’s a technique in which client-side JavaScript converts a static HTML web page into a dynamic web page by attaching event handlers to the HTML elements...
  2. Code generator for React JS and React Native
    Convert figma design to great code base with minimum effort
  3. Five Firebase killers by Fireship
    Firebase leads the backend-as-a-service space, but there are many popular alternatives like AWS amplify, Supabase, Nhost, MongoDB Realm, Appwrite, and Parse. Let's compare the pros and cons of fully-managed cloud services.
  4. 3 Alternatives for Heroku's Free Tier - Full Stack & API Hosting
    Heroku is getting rid of its free tier. In this video, we will look at 3 really good alternatives that offer a similar service. We will deploy a simple Node.js API to each one.
  5. A great tutorial playlist for learning Redux Toolkit with RTK Query